Mistress Nina Mar NYC Dominatrix & NYC Femdom

This crisis isn’t your strange desires, it’s when you don’t fulfill them. Dominatrix, Domina, Mistress, Madame, Goddess, Domme, Lady, Madam(e), Ma’am, Miss, Prodomme, and Femdom.The name of a dominant woman has many different forms, and time continues to shape the culture and context for this erotic honorific. These definitions vary in this context, but each has the same meaning: a woman who plays a dominant role in BDSM activities. Most address me as Mistress, but my name is Nina Mar. I’m a professional Dominatrix in NYC at Pandora’s Box and NJ. Through my BDSM I take on as many forms as my honorific. Who will I be today?

ny femdom mistress Nina Mar looking at camera thinking about her next roleplay scenario

| Roleplay is my BDSM |

Routines are productive, but novelty isn’t stupid. Taking an erotic vacation from reality is necessary. I use BDSM to get out of reality. People seek sensations. We want to engage in activities that make us laugh, cry, relax, and sometimes scare us. After 8 years of professional Dominatrix experience, I found the swell of anticipation and the crash of release from fear create the most arousing scenes. My favorite settings are interrogative roleplays and mind games. While my scenes are intense, they are never abusive. I use them as conduits where I draw on my skill set and talent to streamline a realistic experience. If you’re new don’t worry, I delight in engaging with new players. I am NEVER arbitrarily loud or violent. I find fear and anticipation incredibly erotic, and silly violence unattractive.

Here is a portion of my palette: 

Roleplay: interrogation, mind games, consensual nonconsent, disciplinary scenarios, cat/mouse, phobias, jealous girlfriend, cruel girl next door, exploitation, blackmail, teacher/student, boss/employee, HR/employee, mistress/slave, warden/prisoner, medical roleplay,
Bondage: sensory deprivation, rope, leather, restraints, cock and ball bondage, predicament bondage, mummification, vac bags,
Leather: floggers, single tail, leather paddles, crops,
Wooden: paddles, canings, hair brush,
Electro: all forms of e-stim
Feminization: crossdressing, sissification, 
Medical: enema torture, sounds, physicals, blood,
Torture: nipple torture, cock, and ball torture, 
Humiliation: verbal, physical, mental games, 
Worship: foot, leg, muscle.
Showers: yes
Fetish wear: latex, leather, elegant, workout, 
Wrestling: yes, but I am a beginner, though open to learning with experienced players