Mistress Nina Mar

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Pandora’s Box NYC Schedule

Monday, June 27th 1pm-7pm
Tuesday, June 28th, 1:30pm-7pm
Friday, July 1st(ahh!), 1pm-7pm

For bookings you may email me directly at mistressnina9@gmail.com
or contact Pandora’s Box.

Meet Me at Pandora’s Box NYC

Pandora’s contact: 212-242-4577

Intimate Private Play

My name is Nina Mar, or Mistress Nina Mar, and I was afforded the grand opportunity to plop down on Earth and discover the fulfilling  pleasure of becoming both a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix here in New York City and across the country. Apparently the planet as well. Taboo proclivities have always haunted my mind, but my professional BDSM experience began 7 years ago. Within these years I have had the wonderful opportunity to play with experienced subs and train under  many beautiful and talented Mistresses across the United States. As time passes my skills, creativity, knowledge, and beauty follow an unnatural upward trend.. BDSM has become a lifestyle and a vehicle for sexual and artistic self-expression. You will discover that human sexuality, BDSM, and the freedom it generates genuinely inspire me.
I enjoy what I do. You can see it in the glint of my eyes and my modalities. I am captivated by power and exchange -in both directions. Power exchange for me is more than a physical experience. It is the union of mind and body. I stay mentally engaged and physically in charge. My personality is dense and my persona takes on many forms.

  My approach is in versatility where our mutual interests intersect. That said, I am a very open minded Dominatrix and enjoy many scenes and thus styles. Although my raven hair and lean physique are just as impressive as my perfectly angled face, my real talent is my ability to weave my creativity and my intellect together to create a memorable experience. (For both of us.) I am known for my manners, sharp wit, sprightly demeanor, beauty, and moments of unexpected cruelty. 
You are the subject of our scene and to fully understand my subject Time is my favorite piece of equipment. I prefer 90 (+) minute scenes. An hour is an injustice to the BDSM experience. I am  formally trained and always learning. It is unnecessary for me to expound on my approach. You enter my realm and I yours. In my experience the more one talks about their capabilities, the less capable they are. A simple and honest conversation unleashes infinite possibilities. My wardrobe, gear, and skill set is vast and continues to expand. I can accommodate most wardrobe and scene requests. I am always transparent about my capabilities. If a request is made that I cannot accommodate, I am open to learning and trying new things within the confines of my personal boundaries and the bounds of safety. Mostly mine, but I suppose I’ll take your safety into consideration also.

You have heard it before and I’m going to reiterate it. Submission begins at initial contact. It begins with a polite email which showcases your manners. Be prepared to reveal your preferred name and to discuss your interests, limits, and experience with reverent honesty. I can forgive bad grammar, but I am less forgiving of bad manners. You may address me as Mistress. Advance booking is advantageous for both parties. The submission form is there for those who are new, shy, or not quite sure how to initiate contact with me. My preference is email. Mistressnina9@gmail.com. I am against automatic replies which sends you in a loop to submission forms. If your email meets my expectations you will receive a thoughtful reply from Me.