Mistress Nina Mar

About Me

London Information

Excited to announce I am traveling internationally! I will be using the beautiful Adreena Angela’s Inanna Studio. I will be accepting sessions 2-7 February. Double vaccination required. More information to come! (Contact information, protocol, ect…)

Pandora’s Box NYC Schedule

Thursday, January 13th: 12pm-6pm

Sunday, January 16th: 4pm

My name is Nina Mar and I am a professional and lifestyle destination Dominant stationed in Jersey City and at Pandora’s Box. I am classically and formally trained with 6 years of honest nonstop experience. My craft and skill continue to grow along with my beauty and intelligence.

I enjoy many scenes and styles, but like most Dominas, my favorite scenes are where you let me in and take control. My strong tight body and impenetrable mind can be cruel, unfair, and unforgiving. I am a well mannered, sprightly, and intelligent Domina addicted to power and control. Do not confuse my interpretation of power and control with an arbitrary and discursive corporeal experience. My greatest resource in a scene is Time. Time is what I use to get to know you and map out your mind. I prefer 90 to 120 minutes.

You have heard it before and I’m going to reiterate it. Submission begins with initial contact. It begins with a polite email which showcases your manners. Be prepared to reveal your preferred name and to discuss your interests, limits, and experience with reverent honesty. I can forgive bad grammar, but I am less forgiving of bad manners. You may address me as Mistress. Advance booking is advantageous for both parties.

It is unnecessary for me to expound on my approach. You enter my realm and I yours. In my experience the more one talks about their capabilities, the less capable they are. A simple and honest conversation unleashes infinite possibilities. The submission form is there for those who are new, shy, or not quite sure how initiate contact with me. My preference is email. I am against automatic replies which sends you in a loop to submission forms. If your email meets my expectations (see paragraph above) you will receive a personal and sincere response from me.

My wardrobe is vast and can accommodate leather and latex fetishists. I am a classic beauty. I have minimal tattoos and considerably more stunning in person. My dense cascading black hair, impressive physique and beautiful size 8 feet are just a few of my intoxicating features.


Don’t push My bottons.