Kinky POV

The Entrance

You are not allowed in without consent. My heart rattled my bones and my toes curled. His presence emanated through the door. I opened the door and assumed my trained position. A breathing doll holding her place, excited to be inspected and played with.

Photographer and collaborator: Sam Martucci Creative Director: Nina Mar. Models: nina Mar and You

March 2022

The Lesson

I am much more disappointed at the obvious decline in your intellect than the e-mail you left open. Initially I was filled with rage. But the rage inspired me. Finally, my chance to show you what goes on in my brain. My love, I believe it is in your best interest I teach you a proper lesson in covering your tracks. You see, you aren’t the only one with secret desires my dear sir. And I am unimpressed with yours. Do not disappoint me again.

Photographer: Keon Vines
Creative Director: Nina Mar
Models: Nina Mar and you.
February 2022