Morning Musings


At about 4:35 AM my alarm goes off. At 5 AM I pretend I’m a warrior and get out of bed and make coffee. Some warrior. I conquered the French press. I pushed it and showed it who’s who. Took over all of the presses pages. There doesn’t seem to be enough time. Time is short and fast. Or maybe we take long slow strides. If time danced to a rhythm it would probably be Count Basie and his Orchestra’s “Every Tub”. The swing of the pendulum. It’s a quick song. It’s a great song. And just like that, it’s over. The pendulum swings the other way. My time on the pendulum this week will be spent in the domination sphere. This Cat has a kink in her tail she needs to crack into shape.


I’m in a race against the sun and the moon.


The best scenes are when I’m allowed to do what I want. I’ll also say the best days are when I’m allowed to what I want. I want to train. And for the first time ever I have a backache. Moving requires a deep breath and belief in a higher power. I’m old and suitably afraid of getting older. My vessel is going to fall apart and all I did was sit down and laugh.