Session Details


  • Bondage:  Cuffs, rope, tape, plastic wrap, body bag.
  • Impact:  Bare-handed OTK spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, whipping.
  • Role-play:  Mistress/slave, Mommy, teacher/student [interchangeable], military/interrogation.
  • Disciplinary:  Pet, domestic, service, slave, corporal training.
  • Body Worship:  Foot and leg worship, muscle worship, hair brushing, etc.
  • Tickle torture
  • Nipple Torture:  Clover clips, padded clips, clothespins, fingers, and nails.
  • CBT:  Chastity, ball-busting, weight training, rope restraints.
  • Trampling:  Bare feet, stockings, boots, and/or heels.
  • Sissification:  Application of makeup to completely dressing up from head to toe.

Experienced Kinksters Only

  • Breath play
  • Cutting
  • Blood play
  • Sutures
  • RACK
  • Limit pushing
  • Boundary exploration

Hard Limits

  • NO SEX

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