Laundry Boy -A Story by Nina Mar

It was another tedious laundry day for Dahlia. She was disappointed that a beautiful sunny afternoon was going to be wasted on annoying chores.  “I shouldn’t have to do my own laundry!” she thought, as she slipped her flip flops on and grabbed her laundry basket. She admired her own fresh pedicure as she took theContinue reading “Laundry Boy -A Story by Nina Mar”

The Physical – A Story by Nina Mar

It was time for Chuck’s physical. He was well overdue. He was a bundle of nerves when he entered the waiting room and greeted the receptionist. “Good afternoon”, she said. “Have a seat and fill out this form. The doctor will see you shortly.” She smiled. “Unfortunately Dr. Green won’t be in today, we recentlyContinue reading “The Physical – A Story by Nina Mar”

Different Strokes

A Short Story from Mistress Nina Mar Do you know why I summoned you into my office today?No?  I’m surprised that you don’t have any clue. Well, that’s rather interesting, because I just happen have right here, on my desk, your quarterly review. Suffice it to say, I’m less than pleased with your recent performance. We have had this conversation before, and I was under the impression that you had learned your lesson the first time. WhatContinue reading “Different Strokes”